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Adoption Fees

Adoption fees support the cost for care while the animal is in our care. This may include room/board, vaccines, and spay/neuter surgery. A adoption fee will not exceed $600 excluding the Mandatory Microchip Fee. Not all pets will come spayed/neutered.

Puppies - (4 - 6 Months) $300 - $600 + Microchip Fee
Dogs - (6 Months or Older) $99 - $300 + Microchip Fee

What is Needed to Adopt

  • A completed adoption application

  • A drivers license or state ID to verify name and address


Pets purchased under adoption will not come with Michigan House Of Paws standard health guarantee. 

Please note that animals are living creatures and as such cannot come with a guarantee of perfect health or behavior.

Remember that when you bring a new pet into your home, there will always be a period of adjustment – for you, and for your new pet – while your pet becomes familiar with the sounds, smells, and people in your home, and with your household routine. If you have questions about your pet’s adjustment, please contact us at 248-622-2212

Adoption refunds will not be granted.

Please note: Pets placed under adoption are not affiliated with the pricing of Michigan House Of Paws small designer breed puppies. 

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