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Financing & Debit/Credit Card Payments



Financing applications are $25 dollars which can be paid at checkout on any preferred fur baby. Once paid, a pet associate will give you a call to do the application with you via phone. You can also arrange an appointment to come in store to complete the application. All approvals require a $600 down payment which is deducted from the price of the puppy.


We use two financing companies: Monterey Financial Services & United Consumer Financial Services.

Monterey Financial Services

  • Monterey Financial Services have 25% APR (interest rate) hard credit check.

  • More lenient on approves allows a minimum credit score of 580.

  • Need to make at least $1,500 monthly.

  • You can pay off in full before term ends without a penalty.

  • Approval/Denial decisions are instant


United Consumer Financial Services

  • UCFS has a 24% APR (interest rate) hard credit check.

  • Approvals and denials are based on previous credit history. (If more derogatory remarks then good standing payments, you'll be denied).

  • Allows minimum credit score of 620.

  • Need to make at least 1,500 monthly.

  • UCFS offer the same as cash option which means it'll lessen the interest rate if paid off before your term ends. Approval/denial decisions can take 10-30 minutes.


The following Debit cards that we accept are: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and all credit cards. If paying with card, there is a 6% tax fee. At the time of pick up, the card you used to make purchase via online or in store will need to be presented along with your State ID or driver license.

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