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Are You Thinking About Getting a New Puppy?

At Michigan House of Paws, we sell the finest puppies, including Pomeranians and Maltese-Yorkie mixes. We treat our pups with love and joy, and we create a nurturing environment for our puppies to live and play in! Find your new best friend today!

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We LOVE Our Puppies

Michigan House of Paws was founded in 2017. Here at MHOP, we treat our pups with love and joy and make finding good homes for our puppies a fun, easy process and our top priority. 

Happy, Healthy Puppies

ALL of our puppies come vet checked, UTD on all necessary vaccines and worming. Microchipping is an option. An additional fee may apply. 7 Day health guarantee with valid vet documentation.

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Selective Breeds

We DO NOT breed our furry friends, We work with a variety of licensed breeders.


We transport litters from their current home. Contact us today to request more information.

Raised With Love

We offer a unique experience for Michigan residents & others by providing the best adoption and rehoming for puppies. 

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Michigan's Best

Source for Puppies

Live a happier life with a great puppy. At Michigan House Of Paws, we have a variety of dog breeds to choose from.


"We got our pup from house of paws and he was one of the best taken care of puppies I've ever gotten!"

Josh K.

"I got a puppy from house of paws last night. He is very lovable and the sweetest thing. Love him to pieces!"

Dawn S.
dog breeder

"We are in love with our pup! She's getting big already and doing amazing with training!"

Elizabeth R.


Can you tell me more about your company?


Michigan House of Paws is a local, friendly pet shop located here in Waterford, Michigan. No one has a better reputation for such healthy, happy puppies in all of Waterford Township, no one! At Michigan House of Paws, we sell the finest puppies, including Pomeranians and Maltese-Yorkie mixes. We treat all of our pups with love and joy, and we create a nurturing environment for our puppies to live and play in. You’ll be sure to get a healthy dog because all of our puppies are examined by vets and up to date on all necessary vaccines and worming. We also offer a 7-Day Health Guarantee, which would give you a full refund if any covered health conditions present themselves within the 7-day time frame of purchasing your puppy. 


Our greatest joy at Michigan House of Paws is knowing we gave a puppy a loving home, so we strive to make the adoption process easy and fun. Make sure to check our website weekly for updates on what puppies we currently have so you can reserve your new best friend today.


How can I adopt a puppy?


Adopting a puppy with Michigan House of Paws is easy! The puppies you see on our website are available for adoption or reservation with a $300 non-refundable deposit. This deposit reserves your puppy for up to three days. After you make a reservation, we ask that you text us at (888) 952-1497 with your name and puppy reference number. Once you send us a text, we will send you instructions on the next steps to take so you can meet your new best friend as fast as possible. 


We do NOT breed. ALL puppies are dewormed AND up to date on vaccinations. You'll be provided a puppy Health certificate, Health Guarantee, and Microchip option. Call us at (248) 319-6640 if you’d like to make an appointment to see our available puppies. 

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with Michigan House of Paws to view and purchase our available puppies by calling us at (248) 319-6640. We are located at 1161 Dix Hwy, Lincoln Park, MI 48146. 


What should I do after adopting a puppy?

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting albeit stressful moment for you and your new friend. To help ease the stress, here are ten things we recommend doing. 

  1. Gather his/her supplies. Gather everything you need to make your puppy feel safe and comfortable.

  2. Prepare your home and family. Put away any harmful items and hid those that you don’t want chewed on. Discuss with your family what duties everyone will take on. 

  3. Assign a safe space for the puppy using a crate.

  4. Plan how and when to bring the puppy home. 

  5. Show your dog around the house on his leash. Use short, firm commands to let him know what’s off-limits. 

  6. Introduce the family one at a time. 

  7. Gradually switch your dog’s food to avoid digestion issues.

  8. Begin training your puppy right away.

  9. Explore the yard with your puppy on his leash.

  10. Within a week of brining you puppy home, visit a veterinarian for a health check

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